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Q: What if I have a specific song that I would like to be played?

A: Contact Belle with specific song requests that you would like her to play. Belle is able to pick up new songs fairly quickly, but please still be mindful and give her sufficient notice so she has time to learn the new music. In some situations it may cost extra to request music.

Q: Can you play outdoor events?

A: Yes, but within reason. The harp is an instrument that requires a certain amount of care. It can't be rained on or subject to extreme humidity, heat or cold.  If it is an outside event, an alternate location must be available in case of bad weather.

Q: Do I need a sound system for my event? 

A: The harp is an instrument with a very resonant sound. It can be heard fairly well unless there is a lot of background noise such as many guests, fountains, traffic etc. 

If amplification is needed, then Belle will consult with the client to find a convenient solution.

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