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Belle Coty is a versatile harpist from Grand Rapids, MI that works as a lesson teacher, gigging musician, soloist, and ensemble member. Now she serves as the President of the West Michigan Harp Chapter of the American Harp Society Inc.

She was a semifinalist for the Brevard Music Festival Competition in 2018. Ensembles that she has played with include; the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, the Jackson Symphony Orchestra, and the Livingston Symphony Orchestra. As founder of Harpoon Duet, she spent two years working with composers to edit and premiere new pieces for harp and bassoon.  Belle earned her bachelor’s degree in harp performance from Michigan State University’s College of Music and is currently working toward her masters at the same institution.


Her repertoire features a wide variety of styles; whether it be romantic, classical, traditional, or contemporary. The sound Belle creates with her harp is perfect for any and all occasions. Frequent events include: weddings, charity dinners, art shows, dinner receptions and more! 

Belle is also a private harp instructor with beginner and intermediate level students of all ages. As a teacher she strongly believes in the idea of catering her teaching to each student individually. She also encourages involvement in harp ensembles as well as collective student recitals.!

Her services extend throughout Michigan and are centralized around Lansing & Grand Rapids, MI


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